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We got Panchhi original Petha delivered at home during the lockdown times. My personal favorite is Pan Petha among all the delicious flavors available.  Thank You team FN!

Anuj Agarwal

Dalmoth from Agra, Pickle and Aloo Papad from Varanasi.. So authentic and tasty.. Tuly a nostalgic feel! 

S K Pachnanda (Gwalior)

I got Lal mirch achar ; aloo papad and Rajasthani mangauri . The first two , I have already said are very good

Mangauri also is very good . It is exactly like what I would have made at home . EXCELLENT ..... very authentic..

Mrs. Ranjana (Shared on Whats App)

I got the stuff I odered.. it is extremely good.. very happy to the size of the mangodi , exactly our homemade style.. Banrasi Lal Mirch and Hari Mirch Achar is also very good and homemade type..

I want to order some more pickles & mangodi & Amritsari badiyan too..

Mrs. Charu Mathur (Shared on Whats App)