Aam Aachar ka Vichar...

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Aam Aachar ka Vichar...

It’s not usual for poets to write praise for pickles, but we definitely have to agree that the mango pickle, with its tart flavour and heady aroma, deserves that extra bit of commendation. Mango pickle-making is multi-sensory. The varied shapes and colours of the mangoes; not all mangoes are worth eating, but nearly every mango can be pickled. The feel of the firm fruit that stews to softness or still chewy pickles, the tanginess of the acid and the sweetness of the pulp makes the mango pickle the 'king' of all.

Food Nostalgia brings to your home the very recipe descendant of your nani and dadi with the authenticness of your home spices. These pickles are totally handmade and hygienic without even a single touch of machinery. The mangoes are first cut using the ancient iron cutter and then dried in the sun the same way we used to see on our terraces by our homemakers, our ladies.

The Aachar is loaded with spices which are slightly roasted to enhance the aroma. We bring you the very special Banarasi Aam ka Achaar which you can enjoy with stuffed parathas. The relishness of the aachar will enhance the taste of even the simplest of diets and will give your tongue a slight sizzle.

The Pickle uses only natural preservatives and not chemicals. This pickle will not go bad for one full year and even more if handled well. Once you have tried our range of mango pickles you will never forget the mouth-watering aroma, the appetizing taste and the inviting piquancy of it. So what are you waiting for? Shop Now!

Thank you very much for reading this.

Feel free to write to us at thefoodnostalgia@gmail.com if you have any questions.