Banarsi Aloo ke Papad

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Banarsi Aloo ke Papad

Who has not enjoyed the crisp of aloo papad with evening snacks during their childhood days? Be it holi or any festive season, papads have formed a great part of our diet. No traditional thali is complete without papads. Whether as a snack or as an addition to daal chawal, papad has managed to fit in with every cuisine.

With the Crispiness of potatoes and the perfect blend of authentic spices, aloo papad is regarded as one of the most renowned of all. Though the papad is made at its peak during the Holi season, it can be enjoyed at any point of time.

Food nostalgia has its speciality in aloo papad which are made with the best quality potatoes and handpicked spices. They are dried with care under the sun like we used to see on our terraces by our house-ladies. The recipe originates in banaras and is followed undisturbed which gives you the same nostalgic taste of your childhood.

You can enjoy our aloo papad with evening tea or coffee or with any dish you like and you will never forget the appetizing taste and the delicious smelling aroma of it. Remember that Food Nostalgia will always bring to your tongue the nostalgic taste of your childhood.

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Blog Written by - Khushi Srivastava