Bikaner ke Gatte / Hatte Katte Gatte

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Bikaner ke Gatte / Hatte Katte Gatte

If you are aware of our royal indian cuisines, you must be aware of Rajasthan's Glorious contribution to it. From mouth-watering curries to the tangy pickles, Rajasthan deserves a special applause for its grand thalis, in which Gatte ki sabji forms a major place. The dry plains of Rajasthan aren't the best suited for cultivating many vegetables and fruits, however the region is blessed with pulses and spices. Which explains why most of their vegetarian fare is based on lentils to a large extent. One such dish is Gattas.

Gatte are gram flour (besan) dumplings, packed with dry masalas, steamed and then cut into small bite sized pieces. These Gattas are then cooked in a variety of dishes with different flavoured curries. Food nostalgia brings at your doorstep, world famous Bikaneri Gatte.

They are made with the classic recipe originating from Bikaner. They are made with the finest quality besan and are free from chemical preservatives. The besan is first made into a dough and then the authentic spices, then are boiled with care. This gives you the perfect looking Gattas which tastes like the original Marwadi ones. Then it is packed with lots of love and tenderness.

The Gattas are made with fresh ingredients which gives your curry an outstanding flavour. They are ready-to-use after boiling and thus reduce the cooking time from hours to minutes. Once opened the Gattas last for 3-4 months and more if stored properly.

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Blog Written by - Khushi Srivastava