Sab Wadiya Hai!

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Sab Wadiya Hai!

We have all had the spicy curry of “Mangodi” and often relate it with memories from our childhood. Memories of our Nani or Dadi making a series of these mouth watering golden dots, kept for drying on sarees or bedsheets. We have memories of these sheets lying down on the roofs or varandas of our home. The curry then made out of it mixed with spices and herbs tasted like magic.

Mangodi, Food Nostalgia

Food Nostalgia has now made this wadi or badi as it is called, travelled all the way from North India to Maharashtra and has a vision of making this authentic North Indian dish available in all parts of India.

These spiced & sun dried dumplings made from ground lentils. Wadis are spiced but not very heavily spiced like the Amritsari wadis. 

Urad Wadi | Urad Wadi or Punjabi wadi or in Uttar Pradesh it is also Called Kohdauri. Wadis are vegan, gluten free staple food. You can add them to veg curries for pulao. They soak up the sauce or gravy in which they are cooked and yet retain their texture, flavor & taste.

Once you have these packs of wadis, you can easily add them to veggies or rice. You can make the Punjabi wadi chawal. The vadis are also added to potatoes to make the Aloo wadi sabzi. At home in North India, many people generally add the wadis to lauki/bottle gourd and make the famous Punjabi dish of Lauki wadiyan and the Mooli wadi sabzi (radish & wadi sauted together). In the lauki wadi sabzi, the spiced Wadiyan balances the bland Lauki and it seems that this combo is made for each other. Shop Now!

Mangodi | Made from fine quality Moong Dal and aromatic Hing, this Rajasthani Hing Moong Dal Wadi takes your taste buds on a tour of Rajasthani flavours and spices.

The perfect texture, delicious taste, and unforgettable aroma will surely delight all your senses when you relish the best Moong Dal Wadi in Rajasthani style with Food Nostalgia. Shop Now!

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